Living your truth was established to assist people in eliminating the negative beliefs, emotions and behaviours that are holding them back from reaching their full potential. Using Timeline Therapy, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing, we set positive goals to get you the life you deserve.

Sara Cuneo

Sara became a corporate escapee over a decade ago, choosing to design the life she wanted to lead. During this time, she has run many successful businesses before finding her truth path – creating a WORK LIFE BALANCE for herself, while helping others do the same. Sara has studied extensively in multiple therapies including Timeline Therapy, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing. Her down to earth personality allows you to feel truly comfortable from the first meeting, where her natural ability will help you achieve success, balance and inner calm.



I help people remove emotional hurdles and install transformational strategies so that they can design their ideal life.

Sara Cuneo – Founder

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I’ve known Sara for sometime now and that was a gift in its self. In my darkest days she helped myself and my family rise above with so much grief that we were struggling with. It just came natural to her, there were no text books or training, just a beautiful, insightful soul who was unselfishly willing to share her time to support us all. When Sara shared with me the new journey she is now trained and has totally committed herself to it cane as no surprise. This is her purpose and many are about to be privileged to be enlightened by this beautiful woman. I’m now facing difficult however different challenges in life but with Sara’s support, knowledge and guidance I know I’m safe.

Wow… I’m on my 6th day of feeling me be just me.

  • 6 days of having slept well
  • 6 days of productive energy instead of exhaustion so that I’ll sleep
  • 6 days of actually being present and grateful xo

So many thank you Sara

Thanks so much for today Sara. I’m feeling so calm and relaxed, and so much more that I can’t find words for… Today was magical! And that Anger Detox… OUT OF THIS WORLD!! I couldn’t imagine a life without feeling anger. Until today. THANK YOU!

Sara, honestly, there has been some huge shifts. I can feel the transformation happening. I’m taking baby steps but already see improvements and shifts. I think and feel different. So liberating. Thanks for another magical morning. Another breakthrough… so unexpected and so powerful.

I’m eternally grateful for the ‘real’ and authentic changes happening in my life since you awakened my heart and soul. I see more. The little things become the big things… I notice more beauty. Sara, I’m different. Everybody need Emotional Detox!

Omg Sara Unbelievable! I owe You my life XO.
12 months ago ( triggering ) I attempted to take my own life? I have evolved I have grown up I have transformed my life with lots and lots of help, and trusting the process, doing the work, knuckling into everything that’s good for me <3

Living Your Truth
Founder – Sara Cuneo

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