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8 Ways to Raise your Vibration

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8 ways to raise your vibration

I often talk about raising your vibration or keeping your vibration high.

What I mean by that is your emotional state. Are you in a vibration of love, joy, compassion, gratitude, amusement? Those are high vibrations.

If your emotional state is shame, guilt, sadness, anger, depression, or fear, you are at a low vibration.

Vibration can change all the time. You could be in a state of joy one minute and then receive bad news and slip into sadness. There’s nothing wrong with that. You’re allowed to be at whatever vibration you feel like.

When your vibration is on the lower end of the scale, you can get sick or develop health problems. If you have anxiety, that might affect where you go and what you do when you get there. If you become angry you may sever an important relationship. Also recognising if a low vibrational frequency is even yours - is it the energy around you , the fear ,doubt of others. 

Practice grounding to earth frequently using exercise, uninterrupted sleep, working in the garden, taking a walk in nature, dancing, yoga, painting, lifting weights, or even more grounding … listening to rock music.

Whatever works for you 

Being at a high vibration allows you to be more in tune with your higher self, and to connect with other human beings on a really soulful level. 

This is the time for us to recognise our frequency and raise our vibration 

I have put together a simple way to start if you are not sure. Or if we just need that little reminder at this time. 

It’s my gift to you 

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