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Ashati Seichem 1 - Energy Workshop Attunement

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Seichem, pronounced "Say Keem", is a system of healing which seems to originally come from Ancient Egypt, and which builds on Reiki by adding the three energies corresponding to the elements of Water, Air and Fire, each of them enabling you to work on a different level.

Seichem 1
The Seichem 1 energy activation gives access to a first level of healing energies within each one of the three elemental rays:

Sophi-Ei (Water): A gentle pulsing vibration which helps to push emotional issues to the surface. It facilitates a gentle re-balancing and healing process on this level. This is a great complement to the much deeper mental and emotional healing work from Ashati 1 and 2.

Angelic-light (Air): Often felt as a subtle 'breeze', this energy facilitates balancing on the mental level, preparing for or complementing the much deeper work that Ashati makes possible. Air also expresses the qualities of communication. This energy therefore helps to enhance psychic perception and communication with spirit guides.

Sakara (Fire): Usually felt as a tingling, like an electric current, it works on transmuting energy within an object, crystal, a person's body and aura, etc. (transmuting foreign and unnecessary energies only, not a person's own repressed emotional or mental energies which must be released and processed into their own chakra system).

Reiki 1 is required before.

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