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Emotional Detox

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Reclaiming power over emotional overload, maintain boundaries and thrive.

Working with lower vibrational emotions such as ANGER, SADNESS, FEAR, HURT & GUILT the idea behind an emotional detox is to clear out the emotions that have stagnated and become stuck rather than rid your body of what you may consider negative emotions. This leaves you free to be able to process and experience all of your emotions in a healthy way

* One on One private consultation sessions with one of our Qualified Master Practioner's in NLP ,Timeline Therapy, Hypnotherapy & Energy Healing

* Releasing Negative Emotions of Anger , Sadness , Fear , Hurt & Guilt

* Learning Self Practices and Strategies

* Working with the subconscious mind and energies to let go of what no longer serves and reconnecting with your true self

* Emotional Detox the path to clarity , calm & abundance

Who Is this For:

Are you feeling Stuck

People Pleasing

Lost sense of who you are ?

Emotional Conflict

Relationship / Family / Work/ Finance - Repetitive Cycles & Patterns that are not healthy/working for you

Feel like the world is on your shoulders

Burnt out !!!

If any of these resonate and you are sick of this cycle and know you deserve more for you and the life you wish for

đź’«Calm & Balanced


đź’«Love for SELF & others

đź’«True Self discovery

đź’«Abundance in life

This program will create change that you didn't believe possible in such simplistic and clear ways.

Available ONLINE as well as locations in Gold Coast / Sydney / Melbourne & Perth

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